Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones, Volume 1

Undoubtedly the most comprehensive book yet published on the fascinating subject of inclusions in gemstones... Aesthetically and scientifically satisfying.
- Alan Jobbins, Gemmological Association of Great Britain, 1987

Photoatlas, Volume 1, first published in 1986 and now in its fifth printing, has become a standard reference in the gemological field. Dr. Eduard J. Gübelin and John I. Koivula collaborated on this book, producing an exhaustive resource on the geological paragenesis of gemstones, as well as the physical, optical, and chemical properties of gemstones and their guest inclusions. Three distinguished mineralogists contribute essays on specific topics related to the genesis of gemstones.

Pages 142 - 143:

page 142 page 143

Each chapter contains information on the micro-characteristics of natural gemstones, synthetic and treated host materials, along with a complete selection of photomicrographs and a suggested reference section.

ISBN 3-85504-095-8
Publisher: Opinio Verlag, Basel - 5th printing
Distributed by microWorld of Gems - worldwide
Hardbound, 10 x 8.75 x 1.25, shipping weight 6 lbs.
532 pages, over 1400 color plates

Powerful diagnostics of process and the contagious appeal of sheer aesthetic delight ...color photography of beauty, fantasy, and meticulous detail.

Phillip Morrison, Scientific American, Jan. 1987

The book is not just beautiful, it is also a comprehensive laboratory manual for those (most gemologists!) who do not have access to the enormous range of natural stones from numerous localities or the range of very clever fakes...

Michael O’Donohue, The Journal of Gemmology, 1987

Pages 482 - 483:

page 482 page 483

This is fascinating reading for anyone interested in mineralogy.

Dr. Wendell E. Wilson, Mineralogical Record, March-April, 1988

In spite of the authors obvious artistic appreciation, the book is convincingly scientific. “It is, by the way, expensive only if you think of the money. Think of the book and it’s cheap.

Walter McCrone, Microscope, 1989

This book is available through GIA (USA) and GEM-A (UK) bookstores.



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